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DIY: Easy Room Pick-Me-Up

Ok, this one's not the most exciting DIY project in the universe, but it is SO easy and it makes your room look much more put together. Like, a "why yes the curated gallery wall complements the drapes so nicely" bedroom vs. a "yeah most of this is my furniture that survived my college dorm" bedroom.

I myself recently moved into a new bedroom in my crazy brownstone of a house. So naturally, I immediately painted it pink and started buying furniture on craigslist to refinish. But while I had all my electrical outlets removed for the wall-painting-extravaganza anyway, it felt like the perfect time to spruce them up.

Dingy plastic outlet cover in weird off white/tan color. Paint crusted outlets.

Random assortment of white and tan outlets around the room. 
If your landlord is as old and crochety as mine is, you probably also have this issue. Or if you're not OCD about decorating, maybe you just don't consider this an issue. To each their own.

Glossy white spray paint
(go for the 2-in-1 paint and primer, you'll never regret it and never have to prime again!)
Paper Plate

Use the screwdriver to unscrew all your outlet covers and light switch covers from the wall. Wipe them down to remove any dirt or dust, otherwise your paint won't stick as well. Lay some newspaper down outside (or in a well-ventilated area, duh) and place your outlets face up on top of it. Spray a thin coat of white paint over the top, being sure to get the edges as well, and let sit for 30 mins. Spray a second coat and wait for an hour to dry completely (or however long is recommended on the spray paint bottle).

To paint the screws from the outlet covers, especially important if yours were a weird dirty tan color like mine, or just to make sure they match the color you've now painted your outlet covers, punch them partway through the back of a paper plate and lay that down on your newpaper before spraying with the two-coat method. This will keep them upright and prevent them from rolling away never to be found again.

Take the opportunity to wipe down your uncovered outlets. They're probably pretty grimy and you probably won't ever bother to do this otherwise. Then screw your outlet covers back on once dried and voila! 
Easy peasy update.

If you're looking for a flashier update to your outlets covers, paint them a funky neon color, modge podge some decorative paper or fabric onto them or cover them with washi tape designs. Check out other cool ideas on Pinterest HERE. I might pick one cool idea to jazz up my light switch cover...

I've got a big DIY weekend ahead so lookout for more fun (and more colorful and exciting, I promise) posts to come soon!

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