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Weekday Wishlist: Spring is Sprung

1. Tory Burch 'Kaley' Dress // I have been in LOVE with this dress since I saw it on Pink Peonies blog the other day. Normally I wouldn't spend so much money on a seasonal dress, but it's just been marked down from $400 to $237.... stay strong, Ashley, stay strong!

2. J. Crew Camden Jeweled Sandals // These sandals are popping up on fashion blogs all over the place. They're perfect to pair with a cute sundress or to add a bit of sparkle to boyfriend jeans and a tee. And J. Crew has been having a surprising number of sales this season... right now spring styles are 30% off on their website.

3. Topshop Red Basic Longline Bikini // I'M SO EXCITED FOR VINTAGE-STYLE BIKINIS. I love a good vintage throw back, and Topshop has a whole line of these babies in cute floral/fruity prints and basic solids, and $50 total for a swimsuit is dirt cheap these days. I'm definitely buying this red one for my Fourth of July lake trip this summer!

4. Essie Nail Polish in 'Go Ginza' // My friend Caitlin over at Southern Curls and Pearls (hands-down my favorite fashion blog that I follow btw...) has been wearing this nail polish for a few weeks and has been getting SO many compliments and desperate comments asking what the color is (I might be included in this desperate comment mayhem...). It's a beautiful pale pinky-purple and is my new favorite pastel nail for spring. Buying it immediately. You should too, I swear it's worth it.

5. Freebird Rolling Buckle Boot // The best versatile spring bootie I've seen in a while. A rich tan distressed leather with a stacked heel and cute cutouts to keep them feeling light enough for spring and summer.

6. Anthropologie Etruscan Petal Earrings // I really like the color combo on these earrings. It's a nice mix that could pair well with primary or pastel colors. Oh, and that bit of red would go nicely with my new dream swimsuit...

7. Madewell Transport Tote // I love a basic brown leather tote for spring. This one would be very VERY cute with a little gold monogram on the top too... I'm imagining shopping at the Union Square farmer's market and filling it with #8...

8. Ranunculus Flowers // Can I please take a moment to admit that I am weirdly excited about ranunculus flowers, despite the fact that they ryhme so closely with 'ridonkulous' (remember when that was a word kids?). They are such a beautiful, delicate flower for spring, and look great in little bud vases all over my apartment. They're also shockingly expensive. But it turns out they are a relatively easy bulb to plant, and the savings are huge (compare $20 for a small bouquet with $4.95 for 20 bulbs on Amazon). Just plant the bulbs in direct sunlight and VoilĂ ! The more flowers you snip for your bouquets, the more blooms your ranunculus plants will produce.  I'm planning to pick up some bulbs very soon to plant my April flower garden! Click here to learn more tips for planting them.


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