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Summer Wedding

I recently attended my cousin's beautiful outdoor wedding on a farm in western Maryland. Summer weddings are so lovely, and such a wonderful chance to celebrate with friends and family you haven't seen in a while. I always follow a few key tips when dressing for a wedding, and I am excited to share them with you here!


How to mix conservative with playful:
For me, this is the key for summer weddings. As it is a formal, and often religious affair, a cap or short-sleeved dress that touches just above your knees is ideal. It sounds a bit old fashioned, but it's respectful to have your shoulders covered during the ceremony and this is the perfect way to do that without having to add on a frumpy cardigan or wrap to your outfit (which would probably have you baking in the sun as well). 

I often describe my style as classic with a twist, so to offset the more conservative structure of my dress, I looked for one with interesting details and embellishments, like lace, an exposed zipper, and a bright bold color. This dress also ups the edge-factor a bit with a low v neckline and a see-through lace back, but I felt like I could get away with it because it adhered to my shoulder and knee-length guidelines.

Another way I love to jazz up a wedding outfit is a statement heel. Nude heels are great, and should be a staple in any girls' closet, but I don't shy away from having a few shoes in bold prints and colors, not only does it complete your ensemble when paired with a dress in the same color scheme, but you can get use out of them as well by pairing them with a neutral outfit (think all white, jeans and a tshirt, or black and white ensembles) the same way you would pair nude heels with a crazy dress. I got so many compliments on these heels at the wedding, but notice that they are not that high. I stayed with a 3" heel, and with the gravel and grass at the ceremony, not to mention the dance floor later, my feet were thanking me.

And now, a small peek into the very attractive people in my life:

My wonderful family 

 My handsome boo

 (normal photo posing activities)

My cousin Emily, a beautiful bridesmaid and very soon a bride herself! 
Get ready for some Maid of Honor DIY party posts coming soon...


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  1. You look so pretty!!! Love how you paired it with those pumps:)


  2. I LOVE this dress! You look stunning! Does it fit true to size? Or is it on the smaller side? Thank you :)

  3. It's pretty true to size but I went one size up because the seam around the waist was hitting above my natural waist in the 0. Since I prefer not to make my torso look any shorter, I decided to go with the 2!

  4. My company always puts on the fanciest holiday and corporate events! This was by far the best San Diego Wedding venues I have experienced. People talked about getting married here.


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