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Tiny Dog Tuesday: Sir Stuffington

Happy #TinydogTues! 

APRIL FOOLS!! Today's featured fluffy critter is Sir Stuffington, the cutest grumpy cat (that's not Grumpy Cat) you might not have known about! #Caturday #Gotcha

This is Stuffy. He was born a homeless kitty and lost his eye and part of his jaw in a raccoon attack when he was less than five weeks old. Luckily, he and his two brothers were found and taken to an animal shelter where they were adopted by two awesome moms.

And they dress him up like a pirate!...

... among other things. Here he is as a taco. Naturally.

Arrr he's here for your booty. To raid puppy islands and take mousey captives! 

And photobomb your selfies!

All photos via Facebook: Sir Stuffington

Anyone else see the uncanny Grumpy Cat resemblance?

If you still haven't gotten your Sir Stuffington fix, check out his facebook page HERE 
or read his cute life-story-in-pictures on Buzzfeed HERE.


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