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DIY Lemon Place Cards

Still looking for ideas to pull together your Easter dinner tomorrow? (Also great for any non-denominational dinner party you're having this spring... just saying) Well I have a instructions for great (read: easy AND cheap) DIY lemon place cards for your table. They cost me less than $1 to make and really brighten a spring table, not to mention making your guests feel very special.


wooden coffee stirs

STEP ONE Cut your name cards. I used the leftover tent cards from my DIY Mimosa Bar which are 3" x 2". Your mini-name-tents (as we'll call them for this DIY) should be about 1" x 1.5", so I cut off the bottom half of my tent cards, then cut the remaining tent portion in half vertically. 

If you aren't using tent cards, just fold a piece of cardstock in half and cut out 1"x1.5" rectangles using the folded edge as one of the long sides.  

STEP TWO Using a felt tip pen, write the names of each guest on each mini name card.

STEP THREE Take your coffee stirrers (you should definitely have stolen these from Starbucks, they are never worth buying) and cut them down to about 2/3 of their original length. It will be about twice the height of your lemons.

STEP FOUR Open your scissors and use one blade to puncture a hole in the side of a lemon. To find which side to pierce, dump your lemons unceremoniously out on the table and let them roll/wobble around a bit to find where they naturally come to a rest on their side. Make sure the lemons are in that position when you poke the hole from directly above. This will ensure they won't wobble on your dining room table and your namecards will be perfectly vertical, not slanted heavily to one side once your lemon finds it's balance.

Tip: If your lemons just won't stop rolling, you can always slice off a little bit of the rind on one side and use that as the base so it will lay flat on the table.

STEP FIVE Poke a coffee stirrer rounded side first into the hole in your lemon. It will naturally stop when it hits the rind on the other side. 

Place a tape roll on one side of the inside of your mini name card. Place it behind your coffee stir so that the top of the coffee stir almost touches the fold in the card. Press tape to stirrer then fold the front of card down and press together to adhere.

Voila, fresh spring name cards!

Do you have any great DIYs for spring entertaining? Let me know in the comments below! And be sure to check back tomorrow to see the table setting and recipes used for my Easter Brunch Party!


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