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Ode To The Earmuff

Giving a big sigh today while reading all these fashion blog posts showing open-toed heels and floral blouses proclaiming "Spring is Almost Here!" For those of you living in the frozen tundra that is the northeast, you know that spring is most certainly not here. Spring is still on vacation in Fiji and isn't even thinking about coming home yet. The low today in NYC is 3 degrees. 3 DEGREES. PLUS WIND. 
(Shivers at her desk under her two layers of scarves...). 

So stay bundled is the message of this post. And how to do that fashionably you may ask? Well I think a wool beanie is a cute as the next blogger, but my long, frizz-prone hair + a wool straightjacket pressing it to my head, does not for a good hair day make. Enter the earmuff (music of angels singing here). Keeps you warm where it counts, and won't mess up any 'do. Plus now that we're "supposedly" entering spring soon, there are some good sales to be found on winter wear. I'm wearing my favorite Athro earmuffs, I love how the cream color stands out against my hair, but a pair of black or oxblood ones would look so sleek! Check out some of my favorite fuzzy options below!

one // two // three // four // five // six

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