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The Coveteur ( is my latest daily-web-reading obsession. While fashion-blog stalking perusing is probably my #1 internet pastime, it's closely followed by health food reading, DIY, decorating and travel... I like to get a little taste of everything. So when I stumbled across the "EASIEST HEALTHY LIVING SWAPS EVER" article on The Coveteur and thought "this is exactly the type of article I'd like to do for sxsoho!" I realized they already did it so damn well it wasn't worth writing my own. So shout out to The Coveteur for this awesome article, and for ahmazing photography that pairs beets with their corresponding Belle Siegerson flats. Art, people.

Read the article HERE.

photo unabashedly stolen from

Also their health articles are constantly featuring the likes oDanielle and Whitney of Sakara Life. Have you SEEN these women? They make me want to do nothing but pilates and juice cleanses for a year. This photo is from their "Healthy Drunk Food" article. Do you look like that when you've had a few drinks??

again stolen from

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