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It's time to play...

I thought we'd do something different today and take a peek into what I've been toting around to all my weekend adventures in the city lately. (Read as: sitting for hours in coffee shops or walking aimlessly around Central Park) Here's my must-haves in my fall weekend bag:

1. BAG // Vintage Leather Backpack. Sooo excited that backpacks are trendy again. My aching right shoulder that's carried giant tote bags for the past 24 years is pretty thankful too. I got this leather beauty for $22 at my favorite thrift store, Beacon's Closet. Win. Having a million pockets for me to fill? Double win. I'd suggest thrifting your own, but if you're willing to take the plunge to buy new, Urban Outfitters has a cool Frye one right now.

2. TECH // I generally leave my laptop at home during the week, but I love working on the blog from different locales (read: again, coffee shops) on the weekend. My old apple case was getting pretty ratty, and I was so excited to get my new UChic case recently! Cute pattern? Check. Fave accent color? Cheeeck. Good cause? Check. UChic is a brand new company that's helping to fund $1000 scholarships for deserving young women through these awesome back-to-school accessories. You guys know I'm all about buying from new fashion brands that give back, but this seriously raises the bar. This case is called the "Gracie" and was designed by Gracie Schram, a 16-year-old singer/songwriter and a recipient of the scholarship. Cool, right? You can buy it here on their indiegogo page: I've talked a lot with some lovely ladies at this company recently, and besides having an awesome cause, let me tell you, customer service is not dead! Support them.

3. SUNNIES // Michael Kors, can I ever leave the house without you? Answer: No. No I cannot. Protect your peepers ladies.

4. A GOOD READ // Have you read #GIRLBOSS? I'm only halfway through and damn, I'm inspired. Sophia Amoruso is (a) a little crazy (which I like) and (b) shares some pretty awesome experience/advice for those of us trying to forge our own way in the fashion world. But even if you're not, it's definitely a feel-good, now-I-want-to-go-accomplish-something-today read.

5. WARMTH // It's transition time! Thankfully, it's still been warm enough in NYC to go without a coat, but a lightweight blanket scarf is my absolute must-have in early fall. Lightweight so that you won't feel bogged down if you've got it wrapped around your neck, but big enough that you can open it and drape it around your shoulders if the wind really picks up. The one pictured is a Furla scarf that was a gift from Momma G, but Nordstrom has a similar one too. How does Nordstrom always have everything?

6. MOISTURE // I am obsessed with Smith's Rosebud Salve. I use it as a lip gloss all year round, but it's especially great now that the air (and my skin) is drying out. Apply it to your lips with your finger (there's the slightest hint of peachy-pink) and then wipe the excess on the back of your hand to moisturize your scary knuckles yo. Two-for-one.

7. CRAFTS // I cannot stop crafting, and my latest craft venture is opening my own custom stationary Etsy shop later this month! As if I didn't spend enough time in the Soho Paper Source store already, I'm now constantly carting around envelopes and stamps and color samples and bothering all their employees as I test out my ideas. Their blush pink envelopes & flat cards are hands-down the prettiest color I've ever seen. My blush pink phase might be getting out of control this season. But hey, if you want some pretty pink stationary, you've come to the right girl.

8. GLAM // I do my nails on the go in inappropriate places all the time. So there's usually 1-5 bottles of nail polish in my bag on any given day. My latest buy was this cool gray (called 'Earl Grey' - aren't you clever Sally Hanson) that's feels perfect for fall.

What's in your wallet weekend bag?
(bad mastercard joke)

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