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Tassel Banner DIY

multiple colors of tissue paper
(I just used what I had in my gift wrap stash, but try to throw one metallic paper in there to spice it up)
hot glue (optional)

STEP ONE: Fold one sheet of tissue paper in half. Orient the sheet so your fold is at the top and use your ruler to draw a light line 2 inches down from the fold.

STEP TWO: Cut vertical strips between the bottom of the paper and the line you drew (do not cut above the line). I eyeballed my strips at about 3/4 inch each. Make them across the entire sheet

STEP THREE: Unfold your tissue paper and gently grip the non-cut-into-strips portion in the center. Slowly roll up the entire sheet, using your fingers to comb out the strips so they don't get tangled along the way.

 STEP FOUR: Once the sheet is rolled, twist the center section tightly and keep twisting until it starts to curl over itself in the center.

 STEP FIVE: Pinch that center section and twist three times to create a secure loop. You could even stick your pencil through the loop and then twist to get extra tight twists and a standard loop size. (Close up below)

(OPTIONAL) You can place a small dot of hot glue at the base of your twist to hold it in place. I made mine tight enough that it wasn't necessary.

Repeat for as many tassels as you'd like to make then thread onto your length of string. I like using thicker string (or twine here) because you can adjust the spacing of the tassels once you hang it up and they will stick in place wherever you situate them along the line!

This banner was a great touch hanging over my DIY mimosa bar... read how to make your own HERE.


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