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Hitting the town

Man are there days when I miss going out in the south. You throw on a tiny dress and sky high heels and you're good to go. Not so in NYC (at least for me). If I dressed for a night out in the city how I did in Carolina, I would (a) freeze to death 99% of the year and (b) never be able to walk far enough/fast enough to ever reach my destination. 

Below is one of my favorite night-out-getups along with some tips
 for hitting the town when you're actually in the city.

Jackets! (Holler). It gets darn chilly at night, and now that I'm a supposedly reasonable adult, freezing my butt off is less appealing than it used to be. Here's what I look for in a spring jacket: 

1. Not too fancy. As much as I love beautiful high end jackets, I would rather spend the big bucks on my shoes or the outfit that I won't be taking off as soon as I get to the bar. Also most places you go out, you'll end up stuffing it under the bar or in a corner somewhere out of the way and I cringe thinking of doing that to a really expensive jacket.

2. Something lightweight. See reason #1 re: rolling up and stuffing your jacket out of the way. 
(Or putting in your giant handbag if you carry one...)

CUSP BLOUSE + Hudson Black Jeans + MK Berkley Clutch + 
C Wonder Spike Cuff in 'Camo Calf Hair' + RINGS: Forever 21 & Aldo

I like this monochromatic outfit a lot because it gives the impression of a jumpsuit, without actually having to buy a jumpsuit. Also pants = infinitely better for going dancing than a dress.

And now to my favorite part of this outfit: the bling. 
It doesn't matter whether you're in New York or Texas right now, spikes are IN, and I'm loving it.

Seen here is my new Gold Spike Charm Bracelet from Benevolent Jewels. I've been lusting after a few all-gold spike bracelets for a while, and this kiddies, is what you would call "the one". I have a teeny tiny wrist, so I love that this bracelet stretches, rather than most non-stretch bangles, which are so big they slide right off my hand! The spikes are also a nice small size, and are intermixed with a few pave crystals (another trend I love), so it doesn't overwhelm my small wrist and is a nice feminine counterpart to my camo cuff.
You'll be seeing a lot more of this bracelet.

As for the Camo Spike Cuff, we all know I have a love affair with C Wonder. I'm not big on camo, but I do love me some calf hair and this one is so dark that the camo design isn't over powering. C Wonder always has amazing jewelry on sale, and much of the time everything in their sale section is an additional 50% off, like, oh wait, RIGHT NOW. You can get this bracelet for $17.50.

Chandelier Earrings Pictured 
But check out THIS $12 STEAL from Nordstrom!

Last Tip: WEDGES.

My feet KILL me after a few hours of wearing heels, plus they make it hard to keep up with my boyfriend's surprisingly long strides once I've reached that "my feet feel like they're falling off" point in the night. Wedges are great because they still give me the dressed-up, leg-lengthening look that makes me love heels so much, but with so much less of the pain. These MK Damita Wedges are especially great because of the thick fabric strips and front zipper - my foot feels totally supported. 

Another thing to think about in the city: if you can't afford a driver to take you everywhere, you probably can't afford to ruin your Jimmy Choo's by trudging through the hot mess that is the New York Subway System and general sidewalk areas. It's dirty out there yo. And there are so many bits of gravel all over the streets and sidewalks (why? I will never understand why??) that always scratch up the toe and heel of my nice stilettos. The natural woven look of these wedges (same goes for many with wood bottoms) isn't as delicate as most of my heels and does a good job of hiding any smudges that might occur.


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