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Tiny Dog Tuesday: Trotter

And next up.... it's Trotter Pup!

She is (a) extremely fashionable, or (b) the world's most patient french bulldog?

You decide. 

Blonde extensions, a debonair chapeau, a hand-knitted bowtie AND stilletos?
Go go girl.

Wait, sometimes you also enjoy dressing in menswear and holding an actual pipe in your mouth???

Could there BE more cuteness in store? Ohh yes. Meet Winter. Trotterpup's new little bro. Winter looooves Trotter.

Winter also loves naps. 

He's not quite as into jaunty hats as his sister. 
But he still makes us say SQUEEEEE

 All photos in this post are from and

Follow @trotterpup and @winter on instagram for more cuteness.

You can also share your favorite teeny pups with me online by using the #tinydogtues hastaggggg. Maybe they'll be featured on #sxsoho next!


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