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Insiders Guide to Spring Accessories

FridayFridayFriday Happy Friday! I thought this week I would share an article I wrote recently for the blog over at my good friend Jia's boutique, Studio15Now that our closets are finally being turned over to shorts and dresses and all things spring, it's the perfect time to try out some funky accessories to add pop to your spring outfits.


​Girl​, put away that giant tote you've been lugging all winter! Anything that's large enough to conceal a small child is way too heavy this late in the springtime. Try trading out your usual bag for one that's not only smaller, but colorful and an unexpected shape. Kate Spade has been leading the charge this season with their line of wicker animal-shaped handbags, but I'm also in love with this fun watermelon bag from that's perfect for picnics and beach trips!

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Going along with the less-heavy-more-funky theme of the season, swap out your larger chandelier earrings for more petite styles that hug the ear. ​Especially popular this season are ear jackets, which have a small crystal or round post at the front of your lobe, and spikes or jewels hanging down from the back of the lobe. Another trend resurging are ear cuffs, especially those with spikes or delicate fringe-like chains.

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If you're a long-haired lady like me, spring and summer means ponytail season to get that hot hair up and off of your neck. My #1 go-to accessory when I'm running late on time ​(​and want to make my hairstyle look so much more elaborate than the two seconds it took to put it together​)​ is a headscarf. I own all three of the scarves below! Anthropologie is my favorite place to find them- they have great bright colors for spring and intricate beading that adds an extra luxe touch I've yet to find on scarves elsewhere.

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The spike trend is still going strong this season - look for small, delicate spikes on earrings and bracelets, but also as a great detailing on sandals and flats. Those ​$900 ​Valentino rockstud sandals of Kat Tanita's might be out of reach for most of us, but brands like AshDolce VitaRebecca Minkoff and Vince Camuto all have great options for this season.

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Last but not least, the quintessential spring accessory is a great pair of sunglasses. In lieu of the tried-and-true wayfarers and aviators, this season go for a mirrored pair (I'm loving blue and purple mirrors myself) and look for a large, more rounded shape with a plastic frame.

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What is your go-to accessory this season?

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