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Cupcake ATM

RED ALERT! There is a Cupcake ATM in Manhattan!!

 {Always look your cupcake machine in the eye to show it who's boss.}

As any New Yorker can tell you, the ability to buy whatever food your heart desires - 24 hours a day - is a quality we greatly admire. And this is big news people! The ATM opened just yesterday but articles declaring it's arrival have been popping up in various media outlets for a few weeks now. 

And did I mention the line?? It went down the block and around the corner and took about 45 minutes to get through. And Sprinkles actual cupcake shop is literally 10 feet away (notice all the colorful dots covering it's window) and would take probably less than 5 minutes to get you a cupcake. 

So naturally I decided to stick it out in the opening day line.

Photo from Getty Images

Just swipe your credit card and presto! The panel slowly raises to reveal an individual cupcake box bathed in the bright white light of the future.

Cupcake Joy. I'm only skeptical until someone hands me something anything made of cake. 
And it. was. amazing.

My nails are Essie's Mint Candy Apple
& my wallet is Kate Spade zip wallet in Grace Blue

C Wonder Gingham Button Down (Similar) + Hudson 'Nico' Black Jeans + 
South Moon Under Scarf (Similar) + MK Selma Bag + Coach Boots (Similar) + 
Free People Embroidered Coat 

I lovingly call this my mullet coat. Business in the front, PARTY in the back. 

I love that this coat is truly one of a kind: each coat made from this Free People line has a unique back embellishment that varies slightly from all the others. Unfortunately this winter style is no longer available, but Free People does have this awesome leather jacket with embroidered shoulders available on the website now.

Please. You try biting into an enormous pile of frosting while someone has a camera in your face.

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